I make games, music & enchiladas

Bit nerd, indie rock lover <3

Unpacking is the biggest game I ever created and published, developed in Love2D

Check the official page

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Exiguus is my first EP, created on a break from programming Unpacking

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Bandcamp or SoundCloud
SpigotGraphs or SpigotSales, is a browser extension to manage easily your revenue on spigotmc

Check it here!
SpigotPeak its a web app that allows you to see a graph about spigotmc visitors, this is a very usefull tool for premium resource developers to select the best hour to publish updates! Visit Webpage

DeadPlayers was a spanish minecraft community, i created lot of things on it but sadly we closed it in November 2017...

You can see a this page that we created with media, history and stuff to remember it here! (spanish)

MiniBoardGames is a spigotmc premium resource that allow server users to play board games like UNO, Checkers, Connect4

You can buy it for 10$ EUR here!

MarketPlace is a spigotmc premium resoruce that allow server users to trade items in a secure way, based on trionworlds marketplace system, this resource also has web support!

You can buy it for 5$ EUR here!

Ludum Dare is one of the world's largest and longest running Game Jam events, you can check my entries here